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Carpets provide your family and home with comfortable flooring. It’s ideal for children playing, pets lazing around and resting your feet after a long day. And while vacuuming regularly will keep the dust away, your floors require professional carpet steam cleaning every so often. 

Clean carpets are more than just the surface. They can get dusty, hold pollutants and lost crumbs can result in mould build-up. A deep clean can ensure that your family is protected, without having harmful particles filling up the space because of a dirty carpet. 

Effective Carpet Cleaning Today

No matter how efficient you are with vacuuming your carpet, you will likely miss more than just a few spots. Children may drop crumbs of food, pets may drag in mud and you might bring in dirt from the outside.

Carpets are usually fuss-free, but they do require a little more effort when cleaning. Getting rid of the top layers of dust weekly only improves the appearance of your floors. Below the surface, in between the fibres, that’s where you need to focus on with our expertise and skilled team.

Carpets can quickly take in odours such as cigarette smoke or paint, making the environment uncomfortable to be in. They are breeding grounds for pet dander, dust mites and even mould. 

Renew Your Carpets This Season

Not only will carpet steam cleaning freshen up your floors, but it will also extend the life of your carpets. Regular cleaning is helpful, but carpets can easily become soiled without you realising it. 

Carpet Empire encourages our clients to consider carpet steaming every season because the weather can impact the condition of your floors. In wet seasons, moisture quickly increases and in dryer seasons, reduced airflow means more congestants getting stuck behind. 

Investing in carpet cleaning services means you can rest easy knowing that your family is well protected all year long. 

Carpet Steam Cleaning Experts

At Carpet Empire, our business is keeping your carpets in excellent condition for life. We are the go-to provider of carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.