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Carpets are a popular floor covering among many people in both residential and commercial settings due to their luxurious look and feel. However, old, tired or damaged carpets can be an eyesore, especially if they have become loose or bunched. Carpet stretching is the process of professionally stretching a carpet with high-end equipment to make it lie flush with the floor to bring back that smooth, sleek appearance. This should only be done by a professional carpet repairing service like Carpet Empire, as we will use only the highest quality machinery and tools to ensure the safety and durability of your carpet. If you’re looking for a trustworthy carpet repair specialist or carpet stretching in Melbourne, make Carpet Empire your first choice.

At Carpet Empire, we put our all into carpet restoration services to give you the joy and comfort that you deserve from your carpets. If you’ve invested in really stunning carpets for your interior, we help you keep them looking and feeling amazing for as long as possible. Whether you need residential or commercial carpet restoration or carpet stretching in Melbourne, get in touch with our expert team for friendly assistance because we genuinely care about the lifespan of your carpets.


If you’ve recently had carpets installed but the job was not completed properly, you may notice bubbles emerging in your flooring. We highly recommend that you get this fixed with professional carpet stretching immediately in order to prevent further damage. If left for a long period of time, you will gradually see more and more bubbles appearing, and the carpet may even come undone in some places. Apart from being unsightly, this can pose a safety hazard as you could trip over the uneven surface. To avoid the hefty cost of completely pulling up your carpets and replacing them with new ones, get your carpets stretched by an expert in Melbourne.  


  • Your carpets are very old
  • Your carpets were not installed properly
  • There are bubbles and bumps in your carpet
  • Heavy foot traffic has caused wear and tear
  • You’ve been moving furniture and there are ripples in the carpet
  • Carpets have become loose in some places 


Contact Carpet Empire, the only carpet repair experts you will ever need in this part of the world! We provide fast, efficient carpet stretching for residential and commercial carpets in the Melbourne area and surrounds.

Carpet Installation and Carpet Repairs

For the highest quality workmanship in carpet installations and carpet repairs in Melbourne, get in touch with Gino at Carpet Empire today and request a quote!